NZOnlineCasinos.co.nz came online in 2016 as the end product of the hard work and enormous effort, two very good friends and passionate online gamblers, Dennis Hoffman and Martin Bergman, sacrificed in order to provide New Zealand players with firsthand experience and information about the latest developments in the online gambling industry.

It is really up to our daily readers to decide whether NZOnlineCasinos.co.nz is truly one of the best online casino websites in New Zealand today. Pride and showing of over other online casino websites on the market has never been our goal, as it doesn’t matter how good a website looks like, if the player doesn’t directly benefit from the content posted.
Online gambling is generally a very fun and exciting experience. You have the liberty to be at the comfort and privacy of your home, making you feel relaxed and safe from any distraction, you would face in a crowded land based casino. There are no dim red lights, hidden exits and isolated casino floors when you gamble online. It’s just you, your computer and whatever gambling budget you have decided to invest in an online casino.

Gambling is all about luck and having fun. Online gambling is one of the best forms of entertainment in the world today, as players make a deposit in order to be entertained and maybe win some money along the way. There is a very thin line when online gambling or gambling in general can become an addiction, so our advice as player to player, is when it stops being fun, stop doing it.

The main reason why we decided to put this small venture together was the desire and will to help newbie players understand how the entire online gambling industry works. Also we are always eager to help experienced players find some newly launched, top of the line casino operator and break down the most advertised welcome bonus offers, by almost all online casinos.
In an ideal society the online gambling industry would have a much safer and entertaining tone, with only top level casino operators online and clear, simple casino bonus terms and promotions, which are easy to understand and have no hidden traps. Since we know that this Utopia is still light years away, we decided to take our long years of experience in online gambling and transfer it to the pages of NZOnlineCasinos.co.nz.

We have all been down the same road, facing problems with payments of honestly earned withdrawals and hearing all sorts of excuses by the live chat operators, only to have our winnings voided due to breaching some rule, hidden deep inside the casino Terms & Conditions.

This is why we are dedicated to learning all the facts about an online casino, before we can give it clearance and add it on our site as a top NZ online casino. This is not an easy task, but we are determined to invest the maximum extent of our knowledge and experience, in order for New Zealand online casino players to enjoy a fun and problem free play sessions, in any of our top New Zealand online casinos.

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