Beach Sights

This game is a feast of colours. Bright, vibrant and in your face was definitely the idea the designer had in mind. It would probably brighten up the day of a player stuck in a gloomy rain storm or a chilly winter evening. There are none of the usual high card values. Instead there is an ice cream sandwich, a bluish ice cream cone, a chocolate flavoured ice lolly, a pinkish ice cream cone, then a colourful ice lolly, a guy ripping the tides on his surf board, a lady in a red bikini soaking up the sun, a cheerful looking diver in snorkelling gear, an oddly placed sunken treasure chest, a shiny sandcastle and a sought after smiling sun wearing shades. All major colours and contrasts are present, with the imagery being minimalistic. The theme is quite basic, especially when considering all the other online pokies on offer are aimed at glossy tropic beach themes. The images may appear simple, though playing the game is worth it for the chance at the progressive jackpot.

Swimming in the Reels: Scatter multipliers in the sand

This pokie rocks 3 rows, 5 columns and 20 pay lines. The shiny little sand castle acts as the scatter symbol for the game, bringing up the scatter bonus. There is no free spin bonus game available but landing 2 scatters anywhere on the reels provides a 2x multiplier on the total bet. Landing 3 scatters provides a 5x multiplier, 4 landed scatters earns a 50x multipliers and scoring 5 scatters anywhere on the reels triggers a whopping 500x multiplier on the total bet. That builds up a great return on investment. The smiling sun acts as the wild and substitutes any other symbol, save the scatter, to complete winning combinations. The coins size is unfortunately not adjustable and is fixed at 0.5. This places the betting minimum at 0.5 and the maximum at 10.

Maximums big as the Ocean: A massive Jackpot on offer

With the dated graphics and lack of a free spins bonus, the absolute drawing card for this game is the massive jackpot available. This jackpot is won by landing 5 smiling sun symbols on the 20th pay line. Make sure all pay lines are active or the jackpot cannot be won. The jackpot is progressive, growing with every spin of every player. At the date of writing, the highest jackpot won was an amazing 8.2 million euros. That could definitely buy a very long beach holiday if not a permanent move!

Big Progressive: Minimal bonuses

With the main attraction being the progressive, the game does not have many bonuses to boast about. It even lacks the very common place free spin bonuses that most games offer. The scatter bonus is limited to a multiplier bonus, although at 500x the total bet of 10, a 5000 bonus is quite a nice way to tick over the bank roll. Landing more than one sun symbol on an active pay line provides an additional bonus. Landing 2 provides a 10 coin bonus, landing 3 earns 200 coins, landing 4 earns 2000 coins and landing 5 suns on the same pay line earns a cool 5000 coin bonus, unless those 5 are on the 20th pay line in which case the jackpot is won. The only bonus game on offer in Beach Life is a simple click and choose game. The game is triggered by landing 3 or more sunken treasure symbols on the same pay lines. Once triggered the player is presented with 14 chests and must choose 3 chests. The pay outs are randomised values but can range from unimpressive to quite handsome, and can slowly tick up the bank roll.

Our Take

Beach Life is certainly colourful and eye catching but is not the most exciting or enthralling game on offer. Its lack of bonuses games and limited multiplier bonuses make for a somewhat mundane gaming experience, especially for those who enjoy the thrill of quick wins. Yet it still remains one of the most popular online pokies ever. This should not come as much of a surprise though with a record 8.2 million Euro win on the books. 8.2 Million. Just imagine it. That’s one way to make the Beach Life a real thing. Plus, the game is now available on mobile. So you could very well be on a holiday at the beach playing Beach life to pass time and end up changing you whole life.