Online Roulette: The Whole Story

Roulette is often called ‘The Devil’s Game’, not because it is evil but because all the numbers on the table add up to 666.
Roulette is one of the oldest casino games around and although it is based entirely on luck, it is very entertaining to watch the while ball roll around the wheel and try guessing where it may land. Many online casinos are now using live tables with live dealers to make the online experience just that more exciting.

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The wheel used in roulette has 38 slots separated by frets. There are 36 number slots of alternating red and black numbers, There are also the numbers 0 and 00 (the 00 only occurs in American roulette) which are in green. European roulette’s house edge is only 2.7 % as there is no 00 on the wheel. American roulette’s house edge is as high as 5.26 because of that extra number.
The aim of roulette is to accurately predict where the ball will land on the wheel and place a bet on that prediction. There are a few different betting options available as well as a few variants of the roulette game itself.

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Roulette Rules and How it Works

  • Firstly, players will be asked to place their bets. Players can place their bets by placing chips on the various places of the betting map.
  • ‘Inside’ bets or bets played on specific numbers have higher paying odds than ‘outside’ bets which are more general and not number specific. Outside bets allow players to bet on colours, odds or even rows or groups of numbers.
  • Each table will have different, predetermined minimum bets and maximum bets that players need to adhere to. Each player will usually be assigned a different chip colour so that bets can be told apart from each other. Players will also be asked what they would like the value of each chip to be.
  • At the start of each game the dealer will give the players sometime to place their bets and then throw the ivory ball into the air. It will land on the track and the dealer should call ‘No more bets’ as the ball falls onto the wheel, where the ball should spin for a while before settling.
  • Once the ball settles on a number a marker will be placed on the winning bets. The losing bets will then be cleared from the table and the winners will receive their winnings. Another round is then started and the process repeats itself.

Roulette Strategies and Systems

It is important to know that roulette is purely a game of luck and each game has the exact same odds as the game before it. The odds remain the same for every spin. Most of the strategies discussed will be showing players how to cover many numbers in the smallest possible bets.

Betting on 35 numbers - For this strategy to reap results you will need to win 36 times for every loss, thus it is quite a risky system. Players do like to use this system as the profit earned by winning on an inside bet is usually quite high and can make this strategy seem more profitable than it actually is. This is because although a win on an inside bet is high; the player will still be losing their bet on all the other inside numbers they bet on.

The Hollandish - This system is based by betting on either black or red. The first bet the player will wager will be just 1 monetary unit of the player’s choice. Once the player has won around, they should increase their bet by 2 units to make up for their previous losses and once they have increased the units by 2 again. This is a fairly non aggressive strategy and is quite conservative, it just may be hard for new players to keep track of what they have won and lost.

Fibonacci System - This is possibly the most famous roulette betting strategy and the concept has been used in many areas, not just gambling. The Fibonacci sequence of 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-etc is used to determine the bet size as the game progresses. The system increases betting sizes gradually and is easy to follow as the new betting size is created by adding the previous two bets together.

Odds in Roulette

You will have best odds at roulette if you place inside bets. These bets include single number bets or a combination of numbers that are next to each other on the table.
Outside bets are placed on the boxes that are around the numbers. You do not place a bet on a specific number here. You bet on colors, on odd or even numbers, rows or group of numbers.

The house edge in the American roulette is way higher than the house edge on the European roulette. So the house advantage in European wheel is only 2.7 percent due to the single zero and the house edge in the American roulette goes as high as 5.26 percent thanks to the single zero and the double zero that are on the wheel.

Top 5 Playing tips

We will show you a couple of different ways how to cover a large portion of the table.

  1. You can start by something certain and that is to bet on 35 numbers. This can be a very risky deal. Let`s look at it this way. If you place 1 Euro on 35 numbers that means that you will only end up with 1 euro profit and 35 Euros lost. So, for this system to work you need to have 36 wins for every loss, and if you are reasonable enough you will know that this is something that is unlikely to happen.
  2. Another risky move is to place a bet on 17 splits. This way you are covering only 34 numbers. One advantage here is that you bet 17 Euros to cover this bet but the ending result is again 1 Euro profit and 17 Euros lost, which again is a lot.
  3. If you place a bet on 11 streets you will cover 33 numbers.
  4. If you place a bet on 5 Double Streets you will cover 30 numbers.
  5. If you place a bet on numbers from 1 to 18 and on the third dozen you will cover 30 numbers by doing this.

It is true that with these bets you cover almost all the numbers on the roulette table but this is not a way to play. You might have guessed the number that the ball will land but your wins are not going to cover your loss.

Roulette Variations

Basically there are two different variations of this game and they are American and European roulette. Once you learn these games you will know which one offers the best odds at a roulette game. First thing you need to know is how the roulette table looks like and after that what kind of bets you can place on it.

The main difference between these two most popular variations, American and European roulette is in that one extra slot, which is not on your side. Usually players avoid American roulette and they advise new players to always choose the European variation because it is better. The odds of winning are way better when you play European roulette.
An even better version than the European roulette is French roulette. It is basically the same except for the La Partage rule which increases the odds in favor of the player.

Roulette is a great game. You can play online roulette for as long as you want if you use some gambling strategies and not lose a lot of money. If you want to find the best online roulette you should visit our recommended sites and start spinning the wheel.

Reasons to love online roulette

  1. Roulette is extremely popular and almost every online casino offers this game, so players have endless options when deciding where to play roulette.
  2. Roulette is the perfect game for novice players as it is very easy to learn and just simply playing on either black or red gives you pretty good odds of 1:1.
  3.  You can play online roulette at any time as you do not need to wait for other players to join the table.

Our Top 10 Picks for playing roulette online

Logo of Jackpot City casino
At Jackpot City you can play for free to get the hang of roulette and then progress to playing for real money where you will have the choice of playing European, American or even French roulette.
Logo of Royal Vegas casino
Royal Vegas is quite unique in that their roulette games have exciting progressive tables. The minimum and maximum bet often have huge variations, making this the perfect casino for both novices and high rollers alike.
Logo of Spin Palace casino
Spin Palace offers all the most versions of roulette available on the internet today as well as an enticing welcome bonus for new comers.
Logo of Casino Room casino
Casino Room’s most exciting aspect is their Zoom tables which allow players to play a rather speedy game of roulette. They also have high roller tables on offer.
Logo of 888 casino
888 Casino offer exciting 3D roulette games and games specifically designed for the more casual player. Their excellent graphics should also be mentioned.
Logo of Ruby Fortune casino
Ruby Fortune is a great online casino choice as they have over 10 exciting versions of roulette from Microgaming including live dealer games and live multi player games.
Logo of Betway casino
One of Betway’s most innovative features is their choice of mobile roulette. On top of mobile versions, they also offer live dealer games and great sign up bonuses.
Logo of Platinum Play casino
Platinum play provides the options of download packages, instant play or mobile versions of exciting online roulette games. This is yet another online casino with exceptional welcome bonuses.
Logo of Euro Palace casino
Euro Palace is a popular themed casino that has been around since 1999. They have an extensive variety of roulette games from top software providers such as Microgaming. Their games are available in mobile versions, instant play and download.
Logo of BetAt casino
BetAt casino uses software from a variety of excellent providers. They have over 12 different varieties of roulette including French roulette, mini roulette and penny roulette among others.

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Last Updated: November 11, 2022