Your Detailed Guide to Online Keno

Keno dates back to as far in the past as Ancient China and has since then become one of the most played online casino games worldwide.Keno is famed for being online gambling’s easiest game. But it is not just the easiest, it is also believed to be the oldest! A popular theory of the game’s origin explains that a general in Ancient China invented Keno and used it as a means to raise money for his armies.

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You have most likely seen Keno in a very iconic form: the lottery! Yes, most state and national lotteries are based on the principles of Keno, where you pick lucky numbers and if those numbers match the ones that are drawn you win a life-changing sum of cash!

While online Keno’s prizes are usually not quite the same level as state lotteries, it works in essentially the same way but instead of having to wait days for the lucky numbers to be drawn, online Keno provides instant gratification by drawing the numbers right then and there!

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Keno Rules and How it Works

Picking an online casino is the first thing on your list when it comes to playing Keno online. There are literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from and the choice might be a bit difficult. It is recommended that you only choose an online casino with a long withstanding good reputation that offers Keno games which take your fancy.

Once you have chosen a Keno game you are taken to screen that displays a grid of 80 numbers. The grid is typically 10 numbers wide and 8 numbers long. There are a variety of betting options available represented by buttons at the bottom of the grid. Choose how many rounds you’d like to play as well as your betting levels using these toggle buttons.

Now that you have customized your bet and chosen how many rounds you’d like to play it is time for the fun part: choosing your lucky numbers! Each Keno game is unique but most will let you select between 1 and 20 numbers. Remember that the amount you win changes depending on how many numbers are chosen. The more numbers chosen gives you a higher chance of landing drawn numbers but your wins will also be smaller.

The game then automatically draws 20 numbers and crosses them off on the grid. When a number you have chosen matches with a number drawn, it is known as a hit and the more hits you get the better! To either the left or right of the grid, there should be a tab that records how many hits you get and will pay you out according. Once all the numbers have been drawn, your hits accounted for and your payouts calculated the round ends and a new round, with new numbers begins.

Keno Strategies and Systems

Keno is renowned for being a game based entirely on luck. There is no possible way to guess the numbers that are drawn and for this reason there is very little strategy involved and few systems to employ when choosing your numbers. However, below is a list of tips for new players that may make first-timer mistakes and thus reduce their winning chances.

One of the simplest tricks to get a feel for Keno is to play one of the free demo versions first before playing for real money. Demo versions are easily accessible from almost all online casinos and give you a feel for how the game works and gives you a little confidence before you start spending money on bets. Picking the right casino and right Keno game is of upmost importance. Make use of online casinos that offer good welcome packages and choose Keno games with RTPs and payouts, to give you the best possible chance at making big wins.

Think through your bets carefully and calculate how much you would lose if you do not make any hits in any of the rounds. Follow the golden rule in gambling by not betting more than you can afford to lose. Selecting too many numbers can also be a mistake and many experts believe that it is better to play more conservatively in the game of Keno. It is also a good idea to mix up the numbers you use. Many players believe only certain numbers are lucky and will continuously pick them.

House Edge

Keno has a house edge that is higher than most other casino games. The house edge in online Keno games is usually around 20-30%. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find games with lower house edges. Most house edges and RTPs should be displayed in the game’s details so you know from the beginning what your chances are. While the high house edge in Keno is seen as a disadvantage, it is made up for by the fact that most keno games offer huge jackpots if you happen to pick just the right lucky numbers..

Game Variations

Like most online casino games these days, there are loads of keno variations! While most keno games stick to the 80 number grids, it is easy to find games with both less and more numbers. Certain games may have different betting options which may simplify or complicate the game. Some Keno games have fun themes to keep it visually stimulating and entertaining.

The most popular of Keno games have progressive jackpots which increase with every player who plays the game, resulting in awarding one lucky player a life-changing amount of money.

Reasons to love online keno

Keno is by far the easiest online gambling game to learn. There are no complicated rules or strategies you need to learn beforehand and if you are still unsure there are loads of demo versions you can try to get the feel for the game. You can play online Keno at any time as, unlike many table games, you don’t need to wait for other players to join the game.

There are also dozens of choices when choosing an online casino at which to play Keno, with many enticing welcome offers. There are many keno variations as well as fun themes so there should be a Keno game out there that suits your preferences and aesthetic appeal perfectly! Keno is a fast game, it is not drawn out like many other casino games, and you receive instant results after picking your lucky numbers.

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Last Updated: June 24, 2022