Online Baccarat: The Whole Story

Baccarat lost the famous Sands Casino $250,000 on its opening night way back in 1959.

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games and was originally only played by royalty, but can now be found in most casinos around the world. Its origins can be traced to Italy and France as early as the 11th century and has similarities with the popular game of blackjack. Both games are played with a standard deck of cards and are both table games. However baccarat is slightly different as it is purely a luck game and players can’t make decisions that will affect the outcome of the hands as they can in blackjack.

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Essentially, baccarat is a game between two positions, the player and the banker. The dealer will draw cards for both and other players will bet who they think will win the round. The game works by the dealer dealing the bank and the player two cards each. The objective of the game is to score 9 points and if either position has scored 9 on these two cards they will immediately win. If no player scores a natural 9, each player is dealt one more card and the winner will be determined by their new totals. It is important to note that while the number cards hold their corresponding numeric values, however 10, Jack, Queen and King have zero value and Ace has a value of 1.

Baccarat is a fairly simple and enjoyable casino game that is really easy to get a feel for, even more so with our comprehensive guide!

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Baccarat Rules and How it Works

  • The first step for players is to find an NZ online casino that offers baccarat to play at. In a later section we have listed 10 of the top baccarat online casinos. Players will then need to choose a baccarat game and start playing!
  • The player should then choose a chip size that they are comfortable with, new players should play minimum bets until they get comfortable with the game. Once the player has their chip size set, they can place their bet.
  • There are only 3 betting options in baccarat that will be shown clearly on the screen. They are banker, player and tie. Quite obviously players will either be betting on the banker to win, the player to win, or for there to be a tie. A tie bet pays the highest odds in the game but it is a risky move as ties are few and far between in baccarat.
  • Once the player is happy with their bet, they should press the ‘Deal’ button and two to three cards will be dealt to each position. Whichever position scores a value closest to 9 will win and if the position you bet on is the winning position, you will win too! The dealer will then pay out winners and the round will be over.
  • Players will now have the option to ‘ReBet’ where their bet size and position bet on will remain the same, or they can press ‘New Bet’ where they can change the above mentioned aspects.

Baccarat Strategies and Systems

strategyBaccarat is a game of luck as there is no way of knowing what may be dealt, however there are a few strategies that players can apply in their baccarat games. Many baccarat strategies can be applied in other card games too.

Paroli Strategy- This is an exceedingly simple strategy and works on the principle of positive betting. This means that whenever a player wins, they should increase the bet by doubling it and if they lose they should keep their bet the same. The doubling of bets should only happen 3 times before the player reverts back to their original single unit bet. This is quite a conservative and widely used betting system.

Fibonacci Strategy- This strategy is based on the well known Fibonacci mathematical pattern which appears numerous times in nature. The sequence of numbers in the Fibonacci pattern acts as a guide as to how players should increase their bets (only increasing when they have won a round).

The sequence goes as follows; 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.

The system is very easy to follow and players can add their previous two bets together to get their new bets. When the bets become uncomfortably large for the player they can revert back to their original 1 unit bet.

Reasons to love online baccarat

  1. Baccarat has good betting odds and very low house edge percentages in most online games.
  2. Baccarat is an easy game to learn and can be very enjoyable.
  3. You can play online baccarat at any time as you don’t need to wait for other players to join the table.

Our Top 10 Casino Picks for playing online baccarat

Logo of Jackpot City casino
At Jackpot Casino you have choice of over 60 online baccarat games with a dozen free demo versions for new players to get the hang of the card game. All this paired with generous welcome offers.
Logo of Royal Vegas casino
Royal Vegas is known for their interactive live dealer baccarat games, which can be a lot of fun and a chance to meet fellow players. Players even have the choice between traditional croupiers and Playboy bunny croupiers.
Logo of Spin Palace casino
Spin Palace is a great casino choice as they have hundreds of games to choose from, exciting baccarat games as well as a very enticing welcome bonus for new players.
Logo of Casino Room casino
Casino Room has been around since 1999 and offers a quality selection of baccarat games from the industry’s top software providers.
Logo of 888 casino
888 Casino offers 24/7 live chat customer service, games from the best software providers in the business, secure banking and some of the most exciting baccarat games available.
Logo of Ruby Fortune casino
Ruby Fortune is a well known online casino and is popular among mobile players as they have a multitude of games available in mobile versions. The baccarat versions they offer are available in multiple languages.
Logo of Betway casino
Betway has a truly impressive array of baccarat games from industry giant, Microgaming as well as other software providers. Betway is also known for their amazing welcome bonuses for new players and their solid customer support.
Logo of Guts casino
Guts is famous for their wide selection of exciting games, with over 500 games available. Their baccarat selection extremely varied with many versions of the popular game to choose from.
Logo of InstaCasino casino
Instacasino is also a popular choice for many gamers. The casino has a clear and simple set up with impressive welcome bonuses for new comers. This is another casino that offers live dealer games.
Logo of Casinoland casino
Casinoland is a quirky and cutesy themed casino, brought to us by Guts casino. Expect to find all the latest baccarat games at this innovative online casino.

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Last Updated: December 16, 2022