Thunder and Lightning

Yes, thunder and lightning, you’ll find plenty of that here. The ancient Norse gods are reawakened in this Viking saga and you’ll see appearances from Odin, Thor, Loki as well as the alluring Valkyrie. Win with one of the godly portraits and you’ll be treated to some stunning animations of the gods strutting their stuff.

The design is perfectly suited to the theme as it makes you feel like you’re exploring old ruins while the dramatic soundtrack creates a sense of adventure which keeps your blood pumping and your heart wanting more. Unlock one of the bonus games and the entire colour scheme will shift to let you know that you’re in a different part of the game which helps to keep things interesting.

243 Ways to Win

This 5 reel game offers an amazing 243 ways to win instead of the usual payout lines, which should ensure that you always have the upper hand. Additionally you could be rewarded with countless free spins, several multipliers and wilds that quite literally, go wild. The cautious among you can feel at ease since a bet of only 0.01 coins is necessary to start playing while those seeking adventure can go up all the way to 75 coins.

Among the usual symbols, you’ll also find some items and figures from the Norse universe. Those would be Viking ships, the castle of Valhalla, Mjolnir, the Valkyrie, Loki, Thor and Odin. The wild symbol here is represented by the lightning ridden, Thunderstruk II logo which as usual will complete broken winning lines.

Less Than Worthy Maximum Payouts

A winning combination with the Thunderstruck II logo offers the largest payouts of up to 1000 coins. Combined with the 6x multiplier available in some of the bonus games, this could result in up to 6000 in winnings which is much lower than some jackpots out there.

Stormy Features

Thunderstruck II is littered with bonus features for you to unlock from the get go while the progressive feature makes it even more rewarding for loyal players.

Finding 3 or more of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, anywhere on the reels will send you to the Great Hall of Spins where you will unlock several bonus games. At first only the Valkyrie will be available but every time you return to the hall you’ll be one step closer to the treasures hidden by the Norse pantheon. Each casino game bonus comes with its own set of rules, rewards and even colour schemes to let you know that you’ve stepped into a special chamber.

If the Valkyrie’s eye catches you and deems you worthy then you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins. Additionally, you’ll also receive a 5x multiplier to ensure each win is that much more valuable.

Return to the Great Hall of Spins a few times and you’ll be met by Loki, the god of mischief. Along with 15 free spins, Loki will also lend you his magic by providing random Wild Magic symbols. When such a symbol appears it will spread it’s clutches around the reels and transform unsuspecting symbols into Wild Magic symbols as well. These Wild Magic symbols play the role of regular wilds and therefore make it so much easier to create winning combinations.

When enough time is spent in the Great Hall of Spins, you will be presented to Odin. Should the allfather grant you favour, he will present you with a gift of 20 free spins and employ the services of his faithful black ravens Huginn and Muninn who will fly across your screen, select random symbols and change them into either 2x or 3x multipliers. Should they select the same symbol then you will receive a 6x multiplier instead.

The last bonus to unlock in the Hall of Spins is that held by the lightning god himself. With a swing of his hammer, Thor will bestow upon you 25 free spins, rolling reels and a 5x multiplier. It may take some time to gain the favour of the god of thunder but when you do the reward will be oh so sweet.

When you’re not being blessed with countless gifts in the Great Hall of Spins, you may receive some other rewards during the normal game like randomly triggered Wild Storms which will turn an entire reel into wild symbols. Something else to look out for is the Player Achievements which keeps track of the winning combinations you’ve received. Should you win with every possible symbol combinations, you’ll automatically achieve gold status in the Great Hall of Spins.

Our Take

Although, I’m sure the Halls of Valhalla is a perfectly grand place to find yourself, I’ll stick with experiencing the best the Norse world has to offer through Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II, which does a pretty outstanding job. Even those who’s never been interested in the escapades of Thor and his dysfunctional family should find plenty to enjoy with  the variety of bonus games available. If you are a lover of great pokie games then Thunderstruck II should be at the very top of your playlist.